Hurricane Ike – Katy, TX update at 1:40 p.m. 9/12/08

40 p.m. 9/12/08

Updated photo taken from Katy, TX at 1:40 p.m. 9/12/08

Still waiting for Ike to make his appearance in the West Houston region of coastal Texas. As you will see from the two photos, the skies are darker but all is still calm. We are receiving the occasional breeze but otherwise, business as usual in the area for this time of year.

I will keep posting comments and photos as the storm reach our area and Ike makes landfall. I anticipate we will lose power and possibly internect connectivity but will continue to keep you posted as long as I can.

40 p.m. 9/12/08

Katy street at 1:40 p.m. 9/12/08

Take care, say a prayer and be safe.

Christi Borden – Katy, TX resident

9 Responses to Hurricane Ike – Katy, TX update at 1:40 p.m. 9/12/08

  1. Laura Hartnett says:


    Thank you for the updates from Katy! I live in Austin, TX now, but grew up in Katy and my parents still live there. We are all thinking about you guys and praying for safety! Take care!

  2. christiborden says:

    Hi Laura,

    You are very welcome. I have family in Austin and may wish we were with them as I write this to you.

    At the moment, we are getting a few gusts now that suggest something might be amiss. Otherwise, it is still relatively calm and quiet here in Katy and West Houston, Tx. We have discovered that most of my neighbors in Grand Lakes are staying so at least we will have company. My biggest concern at the moment will be the loss of power and how to deal with grumpy teenagers who cannot access their video game collection. I know I will not be alone:).

    Thanks again for your prayers and for contributing. Take care of yourself as you may feel Ike’s fury as well as the rest of us.

    Christi Borden, Katy TX resident

  3. Kathi P says:

    Dear Christi, Thank you for your post about Katy. My daughter’s boyfriend lives in Katy, works in Houston and is at home today waiting for the storm. Hopefully it will pass over you. Our prayers for you all in Texas from our family in Bend, Oregon.

  4. christiborden says:

    Hi Kathi,

    I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I will keep up my posts as long as the weather, my battery capacity and the internet connection allows. Otherwise, I will be back up as soon as possible. At the moment, all is calm. The cell phone lines are getting overloaded and the ability to make a call may not be possible a few hours from now. If I can assist you in anyway, please let me know. And we LOVE Bend, OR. We stayed there with a group of friends at a lovely rental a few summers ago and thoroughly enjoyed everything Bend had to offer. The volcanic topography was fascinating. Thanks again for keeping Houston residents in your thoughts and prayers.

  5. Fabian Bolanos says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for your news about Katy and the thing with Ike. I’m Cali, Colombia and I have a sister, her husband and their kids there, They didn’t want to leave the City. I’m following the news on CNN and I’m worry about this map on its website

    It seems that the property damages are going to be severe. I hope not, and .. I’ ll pray for all of you.

  6. jimmy t says:

    Aloha Kathi,

    Good Navy friends of mine grew up in Katy. Here in Honolulu, Oahu we are praying for the Good Lord to protect you and bless you.

  7. jkie says:

    I have a daughter that lives in Cinco Ranch. Any word on how it is in that area?

  8. elsa maestas says:

    My sister lives in Katy Texas. We are in Colorado and worried. Thank you for your updates . Elsa

  9. carolb says:

    My sister, her husband, & their 2 sons live in Katy. I’m in Connecticut and am posted by the Weather Channel. Thanks for the Katy update. It’s got to be so scary wondering what’s going to happen.

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