Another Lost/Found Pet Happy Ending in Katy!

Owner found for lost pets!by christi borden

These two pups were found in Seven Meadows and turned into the Fort Bend Animal Service office. They were given a very short deadline before being put down and a wonderful neighbor of ours in Grand Lakes fostered them until today… when their owner contacted me through this blog. I was able to direct her to the foster parent and all is well. She is having the pets neutered and micro-chipped tomorrow.

A special thank you to John Murski, Grand Lakes resident and very kind animal lover, for taking these two lovely pets in until the present owner or a new family could be found to take them in. I know the owner is ecstatic about finding her beloved pets and we all owe Jim a mountain of gratitude.

This is a gentle reminder that we should all have our pets micro-chipped so that the owner can be found quickly in the event they get lost. It would have been tragic if John had not stepped up to bail these guys out of the Animal Control office in time…

6 Responses to Another Lost/Found Pet Happy Ending in Katy!

  1. April Maestri says:

    What a great story! I love that you do this Christi! It is such a valuable service to the community. God bless the Murski’s that fostered these beautiful pups!

  2. Phylis Green says:

    Thank you so much for this valuable service! As a Lab owner myself, I know the owner of these two beauties would have been devasted if her pets had not been recovered.

  3. Tracy Bogiel says:

    What a beautiful ending for what could have been a family pet tragedy. Kudos to the Murski’s. Christi thank you so much for this wonderful service.

  4. Abe Zenteno says:

    Lost female Pug dog in Avalon Katy on April Thursday 7; she has a damaged eye. We will appreciate your help. Thanks!

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