Hurricane Ike – Katy, TX Update – Insurance questions for those with damage!

September 18, 2008


Darrell Kainer - Your Farmer's Insurance Agent

Darrell Kainer Your Farmers Agent. Today I caught up with one of the top insurance agents in the Katy/West Houston Area- Darrell Kainer of The Kainer Insurance Agency. Although he is very busy this week helping those in need, Darrell was kind enough to answer a few questions that some of you may have about damage to your property caused by Hurricane Ike.

 Q. If I have damage to my roof and water has penetrated into my home, what do I do first?

A. You can make whatever temporary repairs that are necessary to prevent further loss to your property. If you can find someone to do a temporary cover up to your roof please, do so. If you have wet carpet that appears ruined, you can remove it but remember to keep a sample for the adjusters. It is very important to document any work that you do. Take as many photos as you can. In order for interior damage to be covered by your insurance, the wind must first cause an opening in the structure that lets the water in. Wind-driven rain under the shingles or around a window may not be covered. Whatever you pay for temporary repairs should be made a part of your claim.

Q. Do I wait until the adjuster comes before making any repairs to my property?

A. See answer above.

Q. Are the costs for repairs that are not covered by insurance deductible on my taxes?

A. You should be able to deduct losses not reimbursed to you, but you should consult your accountant.

Q. How can I be better prepared next time?

A. There is not a great deal you can do to prevent this type of damage. Make sure you remove any small items from the yard and patio to limit the flying objects. You can board up your windows but it appears that most of the damage came from the roof leaks. If your roof is old, replace it. Don’t wait for a storm to cause sever damage to your structure.

Q. What does my regular policy not cover in a storm like Ike?

A. Flood damage is never covered by a regular homeowners policy. Your insurance professional can sell you a flood policy through FEMA. If you are not in a flood zone the cost anywhere from $120 to $348 depending on the amount of coverage. As stated above, wind-driven rain is not covered as well.

Q. What does flood insurance not cover in a storm like Ike?

A. A flood policy covers damage from rising water only. No wind damage.

If any of you have specific questions you would like to ask Darrell, please feel free to post them here or to go to his web site directly click here Kainer Insurance Agency . 

Thank you, Darrell, for taking time to inform those of us needing your expertise.