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We in Katy, TX love our pets. And we can all pitch in and help each other when our pets are missing. If you have lost a special pet, please send me a photo attachment (no PDF files, please) and description (the more detailed, the better), I will be happy to post here and on my web site www.ChristiBorden.com .

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Buddy the Corgi has been found and is safe at home with his owner!

Example of Corgi

Example of Corgi








Found Cocker Spaniel - Do you know her family?

Found Cocker Spaniel – Do you know her family?

Darling Cocker Spaniel found in Cinco Ranch at Cinco Ranch Blvd. and South Lake Village. The Cocker that was found in Cinco Ranch remains at this time unclaimed. The Vet estimates she’s about 1.5 years old, is not spayed and is being treated for worms. A foster home is needed right away and possible adoption if the owners are not found.

Subject: Re: Missing Dog

Example of missing pet

Example of missing pet

Missing Australian Terrier! She looks like an overgrown Yorkie but is actually an Australian terrier. She is 2 1/2 years old and loves to be with people. She disappeared Saturday, September 20 around 5:00 or 5:30 in the afternoon near the Fairways or Kelliwood Area.

Katy residents: Let’s all work together to find these beloved “family members”. If you would like to post a missing or found pet, please post here or email me at christi@christiborden.com. Please include a full description of where pet was lost or found, describe the pet in detail and a photo attachment is always helpful. Your contact information will be kept by me and not published on this site without your permission. Thanks so much.
Sample Brittany Spaniel

Sample Brittany Spaniel


My son found a female chocolate lab on Friday afternoon at the pool/park on Fry-Gaston Rd during the snow storm. I posted it on the Seven Meadows web site, and various “pet finder” websites, but no one has claimed it. Could you please post this on your “lost and found” section?
I am unable to keep it, although very well mannered dog. I’ve taken to my vet–it is not chipped.
Thank you,
Patricia Duda
Seven Meadows
Female chocolate lab found at pool/park on Fry-Gaston Rd on Friday, 12/4. No collar or chip. Please call 713-304-9928 to identify. Thank you.

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  1. Beverly Laurent says:

    Hi, I really hope that you can help! Our Tan and Silver Yorkie was got out of the back yard today (Monday, Oct. 13th) after the cable guy left the gate slightly open. We live in Heritage Square of Cimarron at 1014 Cheyenne Meadows Dr. Katy, Texas 77450. My husband Stephen Laurent can be reached at xxxxxx and I can be reached at xxxxxx, His name is Tobi and he is 4 years old and is wearing a LSU collar. His name tag was recently broken off so there is no identification on him. We would be forever grateful for any help at all. Thanks! Beverly Laurent

  2. christiborden says:


    I have deleted your phone numbers for privacy but will ask you to send me a digital photo of your Yorkie so that I can post this on my site. Also, if anyone contacts me, I will call you immediately, If you want me to post your phone numbers, reply back to me or call me 832-372-7470 and I will display your numbers on this and other sites. I wish you and your family the best and hope we can help you find your little Tobi. You can email me at christi@christiborden.com.


  3. Barbara Bland says:

    Our little daschund got out of the back yard Friday afternoon. We have looked everywhere for her and I came across your website hoping you could help get the word out to help get her back home safely. She is a female, short-haired, red dapple petite daschund. She was wearing her pink collar with her tags, but since she doesn’t like strangers it would have been very difficult for someone to get her. I am hoping someone has seen her and can help us find her. I can send pictures and I am including the link of the posting I put on Craigs List tonight as well. We are just worried sick about her. http://houston.craigslist.org/laf/910483551.html

    If anyone knows anything they can call me on my cell at 713-382-9118. We live in Meadows Place on Lamplight Trail Dr., off of Peek Rd.

    Thank you so very much,

  4. Barbara Bland says:

    Please disregard previous post…she has been found. Thank you

  5. Kerstin Wunsch says:

    There has been a black female lab in our neighborhood all afternoon today 11-10-08 (Seven Meadows- between Gaston and Katy Gaston Rd.) In the evening we called Animal Control, because we were afraid she would be run over in the dark. They came by and picked her up and told us that they put her down within 72 hours, if nobody wants her. I called around and nobody seems to know who this nice dog belongs to. She is a grown black lab mix, with white spots on her chest and white spots on one of her paws and is nice with people and very quiet.
    If someone is missing her, or knows about her owner please call Kerstin at 281 394 5435
    Thanks for any help.

  6. christiborden says:

    Dear Kerstin,

    Thank you so much for this information. Please, let’s try to find her family so that they will not be heart broken to loose her in the next few days at the Shelter. If anyone could temporarily adopt her as a foster family until her owners are found, this might be the solution

    Again, thank you for being a the type of neighbor I would want to have.


  7. Bethany Madrid says:

    LOST CAT – SEAVEN MEADOWS (Hummingbird Meadow)

    We have a lost cat (I with collar and tags) named Epoh. He is a long haired gray cat and is very large and friendly. We just moved to the area and he is not used to it yet so we are afraid he has been injured since he has been gone 5 days.

    Please contact us if you find anyone that might have Epoh….he is our beloved pet and dearly missed!

    Bethany Madrid
    cell 281.250.3818

  8. Jill Burns Suski says:


    WE have lost our Great Dane Puppy! She is 6 months old and quite big. Found her collar still tied to a leash on our patio on Nov 21! Daughters are desolate and want her back. Did find a loose board in the fence but she could only go to neighbors property from there and they claim they never saw her (hard to miss). Someone must have taken her. She is very friendly and loves to jump which may be scary for someone who doesn’t know she isn’t aggresive. WE live behind teh new Walmart on Grand Parkway, and we have covered Katy, Richmond and as far down as Rosenberg, Cinco Ranch area as well. Fawn coloring, black markings, close to 100 lbs. Please contact me if you have seen her, she is very loved and dearly missed!



  9. christiborden says:


    Send me a photo at christi@christiborden.com and I will post it at the top of this thread. I hope you find your puppy soon. What is her name?

  10. Angie Valencia says:

    Can you please confirm if the message below from an email fwd I received today is real or is someone playing a prank?
    “Folks, this is to let you that this wild big cat is running loose in the bayou in Katy along Cinco Ranch, Grand Lakes , Kellywood, etc. Please see attachment above. The schools have been alerted and people need to be aware. It has been sighted a number of times and as yet, it has not been captured. Please send this out to everyone so the word will get out to be careful with you children and animals. You may not want to leave your pets outside without being out there to watch them. It’s hard to tell what it is. Looks like it may be a cougar from the picture but if the guy is right who took the picture it is about the size a dog at 60lbs; however, it does not look like a bobcat, nor does it look like one. It could be a young cougar who is someone’s pet or has gotten away from it’s mother. I hope someone at Texas Wildlife has been alerted and they can catch it before it is killed or before it kills for food. Does anyone know who to contact that might be able to save it and get it to a sanctuary before someone shoots it.
    If anyone has contacts there, please see if they have been contacted. Thanks.
    Photo taken NE of the Mason Fry intersection along the drainage ditch “

  11. Barbara Bland says:

    Lost Male Siamese Mix – Cinco Ranch
    Kaos is lost! Missing since Friday 2/27/09.

    Kaos got through the kids and out the back door Friday night. We are very worried about him so if you have seen him please call. He is a siamese mix. He was wearing his collar, but unfortunately it has our old phone # on it. I know he misses his bed as much as we miss him! If you know anything please call 713-382-9118. We live in Meadow’s Place Subdivision in Cinco Ranch off of Peak Road so hopefully he is still close by. Thank you very very very much for any help you can give.

  12. christiborden says:


    Thank you for the photo of Kaos. It has been posted at the top of this page. Let me know if we can assist you further.

  13. Sarah Keeler says:


    • Sarah Keeler says:


  14. Catherine Lipowski says:

    My two cats have disappeared this week from seven meadows next to golf course. One is a female spayed siamese brown/black with blue eyes, the other is a solid white cat female spayed with yellow eyes.
    The white cat rarely goes outside.

    Thanks for any help.

  15. Shelly Main says:

    Just wondering if anyone is looking for a male adorable long haired kindof fat small dog. He is at the Katy Pony fields. Blue collar and no tags. We fed him last night and he is very freindly but has an ear infection. If you are looking for him he is at the Four Seasons Park in Katy

  16. Bonnie says:

    I fould a young Female pit in westfield village area late last night almost hit by a car. she is very sweet and well taken care of no collar.
    if you are missing your girl please call me or send an email. 281.684.0078 bsinclair84@gmail.com

    If no one claims her in a week we will give her to a good home.

  17. christiborden says:

    Bonnie just informed me that she has reunited the female pit bull with her owner. Great job, Bonnie. Thank you for keeping her safe until she could get home.

  18. erica says:

    My dog is missing 😦 My name is Erica I just gave my dad my dog a couple weeks ago. I couldnt keep him when i moved. He eathor excaped or someone has took him. If you know anything about Duce…. tan & white pit bull, about 65 lbs will be 2 years old on july 3rd. Please let me know. Shorte6722@yahoo.com or 816-232-0813 Thankyou, broken hearted in Missouri

  19. Natasha says:

    We went on Vacation and our sheltie was possibly stolen. She is very sweet and loving. Cowars when approached and pees. She is timid, but very good. She was rescued by our family at about 13 weeks. She is 9 months old now and white, red and has some dark brown in her as well. Tail curls at the end. 281-705-3826. Reward.

  20. christiborden says:

    Natasha, sorry for the delay in posting as I was out of the country. Please let me know if you have found your lovely pet. If not, please email (christi@christiborden.com) me a photo and description (send photo as an attachment) and I will post on http://www.ChristiBorden.com as well and send to others that assist those with lost pets in the Katy Area.

  21. Linda Yates says:

    Found a dog Sunday in Town Park. Pound was going to be called so we took him in until the owner can be found. Male dog very well behaved and lovable. Possible a German Shepherd/ retreiver mix. He is wearing a blue collar with Snowmen on it. Could be about 8 yrs old. Please call 281-684-6030 if you know the dog. We have 2 cats that are afraid of him although he seems to only want to play.

  22. Mary Jordan says:

    Found – Male Red Tiger Striped Pit Bull (mix?) we cant keep him and we need to find him a home.

  23. Lisa Stelley says:

    My 9 month old Siberian Husky was lost 7.15.09. She was seen in the neighborhood until 7.21 but no one was able to catch her. We recently moved to the Bear Creek Area and Lilly was kept inside. Because Huskies are known for travelling, please post this note on your website. I also have posted her on Craig’s List.

  24. Thomas says:

    Hi I’m missing my two beloved dog one is a white fur and with brown and black spot on the skin English bulldog answer to tutu it’s a female the other one is a pitbull and it is brown with white spot answer to chi chi it’s a female there both frendly it was lost since 8/24/2009 around 5:30 they got out the back yard after the lawn man cut the grass and did not lock the gate they both have micro chip in them if any one have nething that can help me find them please give me a call at 713-384-8635 Thomas and 713-349-3000 Tommy there will be a reward please give us a call 24 hours a day will answer

  25. Candace Phillips says:

    Dear Katy Community,
    I live on Wild Horse Valley Road (the street behind Pickford, where the pool is) in the Cimarron subdivision and have lost my solid black domestic short hair cat. He is a neutered male named Ari (pronouned RE); no collar (he always lost it when I put it on him) but he is microchipped. He is a small adult (about 8 lbs.) and has big gold eyes. He is kind of skittish around people he doesn’t know but is a very sweet cat once you approach him. He disappeared the morning of Tuesday, August 25, 2009 when the roofers came to put a roof on the house behind ours and probably scared him. I have called vets and animal control to no avail in trying to find him. If you find a cat like Ari, please contact me at (281) 392-7234. He was very much loved and his family is inconsolable at his loss. Thank you so much!

  26. Candace Phillips says:

    An addition to my post above: Ari has very, very soft fur and a slight crook at the very end of his tail. My family is devastated and we are prepared to offer a sizeable reward for his safe recovery. Sadly, if you have seen a deceased cat that might have been Ari, we would like to know that as well. It is just so horrible to not know what happened to him and if he is safe. Thank you so much for any information on my little “Halloween kitty”. I can also be e-mailed at misa567@gmail.com. Thank you again and God Bless.

  27. Vee says:

    Hello Katy Community.

    I have two female dogs been missing since August 25,2009. One is a a tan and white pitbull named ChiChi and the other is an white english bulldog named TuTu. They are both very friendly. ChiChi was wearing a black and silver collar that has a reflector on it and Tutu did not have a collar. They both haven’t been fixed it. Please help me find my babies. We’ve been heart broken ever since we found out they have been lost from our backyard. They could be lost or possibly stolen. Its not the same without them. We miss them dearly. They were last seen in Morton Ranch Sub-Division around 5:30 pm on August 25th. If seen or found please give us a call. You can call Tommy 713-349-3000 or Thomas 713-348-8635.

  28. Ben says:

    Our dog is missing from West Memorial Subdivision. Her name is Libby, she is brindle mixed breed, weighs 20 lbs, and is about 10-11 years old. She has a cone on her head b/c we were treating a sore on her back leg so we could not have her collar on too, but she is chipped. Please contact Ben at 281-392-2900 Thanks

  29. susan Pechacek says:

    Our precious cat “Joe” went missing on Sept 18 around noon time in the Governors place subdivision between kingsland and peek rd. I have posted signs and gone to the vets nearby and filled out reports with caps. She is grey and white, pink nose, greenish eyes and very friendly. she does not have front claws. Please call if you have seen her,we miss her so much. 281-743-1085 or 281-543-3115 or 713-629-5170 . She never leaves home, fearing someone may have taken her.

  30. Linda Yates says:

    We found a cocker spaniel in our front yard last week, Katy Texas.
    If you lost one and knows someone who had a white and tan cocker spaniel contact me at 281-684-6030.
    It is a male, very sweet and about 7 years old.

  31. Russell Woosley says:

    We found a Female sharpei/lab mix in the Bearcreek Church parking lot on Fry Rd several weeks ago juust before Thanksgiving. She was thin and looked like she had been hit or got into a fight. We rescued her and took her home with us but would like to find a permanent home or her owners. We have 3 small dogs already and just can’t take on a 4th. She is great with kids and with our other 3 dogs. She is house broken already, loves to run and play and is a great tempered and lovable pooch. If this sounds like a dog you have lost please contact us at 832-677-4393.


  32. Courtney Lewis says:

    we have lost our black lab named Rugby. He is about 60-70 pounds. He is 4 years old and his fur is course. If anyone has any info please call (713)204-7489 or send an email. He went missing around 9 a.m. on Dec 23, 2009. He was last seen on Mason road by Canyon Gate neighborhood.

    Thank you for your help,

    Courtney Lewis

    • EC says:

      There is a black un neutered black lab running around Westfield Estates off of Clay rd. He is following a little female bulldog who is probably in heat. She is scared and lost. Last seen on Westfield parkway. Started following me and my 3 dogs on Raintree village st.

  33. Eric Frodesen says:

    We have a stray cat that looks like Harvey.It has been living in our garage for about 4 weeks. It is now in the houser at night during the freezing weather. Even if it is not Harvey it needs a home and is sweet and loves pets. We live in Katy near the Cinco Ranch Golf Course.

    My mother-n-law’s friend’s son lost his mothers cat – his name is Harvey and from what I was told he has been missing for a couple of weeks – is there any way you can share this information on your blog.

    Thank you.

  34. Linda Yates says:

    Still looking for the owners of a male cocker spaniel that was found in our yard before Thanksgiving. If you lost one please send a description of the one you lost and I will let you know if it is a match.

  35. christiborden says:

    Linda, Can you send me a photo of the pet again as an attachment (jpg possibly) so that I can post the photo?

  36. Kathleen Wedemeyer says:

    We are missing our beloved small red and white Papillon named Ruby. She was picked up by a red pickup truck in front of our home on Av. D in old Katy. She had tags on but not microchiped. After 3 days of no word, we believe they are keeping her or selling her. Please be on the lookout and help us find her. She is extra small for the breed (6-7 lbs.) and shy to strangers.

  37. J. Seufert says:

    Found- young adult Himalayan Cat (male?) Friendly, affectionate and is de-clawed. Was found Thursday evening Jan 28th/2010 at the Oak Park apartment complex (South Mason road). He misses his family- please help us reunite them!

    • Trish Munson says:

      J. Seufert – Do you have a photo of the cat you found? Is it just his front claws gone or both? Ours is declawed in the front only and is neutered. He is a grey and white cat. We live in Westgreen Park (behind Oak Park) and our cat has been missing since December.

  38. Nina says:

    Uhm…im Nina….i doubt i’d find my dog now…its been about 4 years since he’s been gone…but i miss him so so much..
    He’s a German Shepard mix…
    He ran away with our other dog Wich is a white maltise.(Maltise name:Trixie) German Shepard name:Timmy)
    Please copy and paste this to any website.
    The neighborhood that they were last seen in were.. Williams Berg Perish and Williams Berg Hamlot.
    Like i said i doubt i would get hold of them but to reach me my E-mail is Sk8erChick_92@yahoo.com…Please copy and paste.

  39. Nubia says:

    A friend of mine found a black (dark brown) male pit bull with white chest and paws. He has no collar, was found on 02/23 in Katy area (77084). He’s around 5 mo old and very calm. The family has two pit bull puppies and he’s not too happy to be there. They’re letting me take him to the vet tomorrow to scan him for microchip.

    Please contact me at 281-701-0737 or nubiacarson@gmail.com if you think you know who he belongs to.

  40. Christopher and Rebecca Kettelhut says:

    I am looking for my sweet brindle boxer. Her name is Libi. She does not have tags. She does not have a microchip. And I am so sorry. She ran through the gate this morning at 4am on Valley Landing Dr near Mason and Highland Knolls in Katy. She is very friendly and may have jumped in your car or ran up to your front door. All she wants is to play. She is about a year and a half old with a tattoo (small circle with a line through it like the “no” symbol) from CAP where she was spayed. She also has a mostly unnoticeable but large scar on the right side of her chest. I think she weighs around 80lbs. Her tail is not docked and her ears are not clipped. Please help me find my puppy.
    My name is Rebecca and you can reach me at 281-753-3314 or you can call my Uncle Freddie at 512-919-9663. FEEL FREE TO CALL ANYTIME.
    1am, 2am, 3am, 4:37 It does not matter. Day or night. I just want her back safe at home. NOW.

  41. Christopher and Rebecca Kettelhut says:

    Praise God! We found Libi!!! Oh, I am so happy to have her home! We are going tomorrow to get her “chipped”. Thanks for all of your concern. Thanks for this listing!

  42. Christi Borden says:

    Dear Christopher and Rebecca,

    I am so happy for you. Absolutely, we should get all of our beloved pets “chipped”. Thanks for posting and remind your friends that we are always happy to post lost or found pets for them.


  43. Fiza says:

    We lost our male cat in the Lakemont Area in Richmond, TX just south of 1093 and Mason on Saturday, March 20, 2010. He is mostly white with brown stripes and spots all over and has green eyes. He responds to kittu or kitty. We miss him very very much and if someone has found him or has seen him, or has any information about his whereabouts please call me 832-292-5647 or 832-492-8199. Thank you and God Bless!

    • christiborden says:

      Do you have a photo you can send me? I will post the photo so thqat we can get the word out and I will forward to other folks trying to find lost pets, too. Thank you.

  44. Fiza says:

    Yes I don’t know how to attach it to this reply box. Do you have an email i could sent it to?

  45. patricia says:

    i lost my dog ,it is brown cholate ,hi have 4 mth male we leave in katy 2816931052 or send picture please 7135502565

  46. Stacie Gryparis says:

    This morning I was driving to work and saw the sadest thing … 2 pugs in the road a tan Male was run over and the Black Female was nudging him to get up. I thought the black one was dead, Crying my eyes out I called my husband and he went to help them. The tan one was not dead just really beat up so we took him to see Dr. Hicks. They are both at my house now and would love to reunite these lovely pets with there owner. This all happened on El Rod close to Clay in Katy tx.

  47. Sherre Vacek says:

    I found 2 black female labs in the Cinco Ranch area, very sweet-natured, very clean and well behaved. They belong to someone. Have posted signs and also listed on the Houston SPCA website. My number is 281-392-0024. Can you send to all your contacts and let me know who else might have a large contact base to send it to.

    Sherre Vacek

  48. Douglas Montano says:

    Lost miniture daschund weighing between 9-13 pounds
    eye color= dark brown
    coat= dark brown
    scar on her nose and two nipples that are really close together.
    last seen near raintree village Katy, Tx.
    on 5/14/10
    If you have seen her please email me at itachiblack@yahoo.com or via commment
    Thank You

  49. Anita Schiflett says:

    Hi, We found 2 female Chocolate Labs at our house on Saturday. Have a great time with my male lab. They are beautiful dogs but I can’t keep them. I live on the corner of Schlipf and Morton Road in Katy. Please post if you can. Let me know where I need to send a picture and I will. Thanks for your help.
    Both females weight about 65 pounds. Very friendly

  50. christiborden says:


    Please send me an email with attached photo of the pets adn I will post them.

    Send photos to christi@christiborden.com . Thanks for your help.
    Christi Borden

  51. Franny says:

    We foud a female dark grey/white dog. It seems like she had babies recently. Something is wrong with her skin. She is loosing hair on her tail.
    I called a local Fort Bend County dog shelter but they cannot come until tuesday.
    We do not know the breed. Maybe boxer mixed.
    We need help. Maybe someone is looking for her, especially if she has puppies. I can post photos, just let me know how.

  52. Rona says:

    I was riding down 1093 and found a black lab mix dog, brown eyes, well trained, scatches on her face. Brought her home and would love to find her owners before I have to take her to the SPCA on Friday 7/9/10. If this sounds like your dog please write back.

  53. Aubrey says:

    I found a female, chocolate (solid) Lab or Lab mix on Wednesday 7/28/10. She was right outside my garage door when I opened it and came right up to me when I called her. Unfortunately she had no collar or tags on. I will get her scanned for a chip on Saturday. I live in a neighborhood very close to the corner of North Fry Rd. and Clay Rd (Katy, 77449) around 11AM. She is very sweet, well behaved, and potty trained. I put her in the kitchen before I left for work, closed off w/ child gate so that she could see and be close to my dog while I was gone. I fed her this morning, she ate a good bit. I fed her a little more this evening when I got home. She is in the laundry rm now that has a doggy door to my fenced off backyard. I gave her a rug to sleep on in the laundry rm, with a bowl of water and a big bone. I gave her some love before I “tucked her in”. I put my dog’s old collar and tag on her just incase she gets out again. Theres no way this sweet dog isn’t being missed by someone!

  54. Joy says:

    I lost my almost one year old kitten Hannah on July 12th in the Green Trails neighborhood. She is a grey and black tabby with medium hair but a very poofy tail. She lost her collar in my neighbors yard. She will answer to Hannah or Boo. If you have seen her email me at elizabethjoyk@gmail.com. thank you!

  55. David says:

    Lost my cat “Momo” last night in seven meadows. Our house backs up to the golf course and I heard our cat screaming. Ran outside and heard some animal (sounded big) in the wetland area walking along the brush and the house fence. Needless to say we never saw momo again. It was not a dog nor coyote so I’m thinking maybe an alligator. Has anyone had an issue with large animals in Avalon?

  56. Linda says:

    Please help us find our male Black and white cat “Piper”
    lost in Green Trails Estates area on Sept 12. He has golg eyes and a pink nose. Black back, white tummy and legs, black tail. 281 578-0121. Call anytime if you see him. He has been gone since Sept 12.2010

  57. Debbie Taylor says:

    Missing white male Siamese since Labor Day Weekend, Old Katy area near Morton Ranch Rd/Eula Morgan. We live in the Timberwilde Subdivision on East Elm. He is white with buff markings and blue eyes. He did not have a collar on.

  58. molly says:

    Hi–I found a male, black and white shepherd mix dog named Emerson yesterday (October 1) in Cinco/South Lake Village. The phone number on his tag is no longer in service. Please call me if he is yours–281-974-0271.

  59. Bob Kowalski says:

    Lost white pit bull in Grand Lakes Katy Texas. Notify sheriff if found. Animal became very aggressive towards two elderly women walking trails.

    • Raviesh Guttna says:

      Thank you Mr. Bob. I saw such a description a few days ago. I walk everyday and will advise if I see. I also was searching if someone lost such animal as I was concerned. Thank you.

  60. Linda says:

    PLEASE help me find Piper, our male black and white domestic shorthair cat lost in the Green Trails Estates Fry Rd area. He has white legs, black back and tail and a black mask over his eyes. He has a pink nose and gold eyes. He has a loud meow. Call 281-578-0121 Thanks.

  61. Emily says:

    My Cat Jasmin is a tabby with a short tail and a cleft lip she has a color mixture of orange and brown/black stripes and has some white fur on her chest. Last time I saw her was Oct. 24, 2010 around the Pin Oak/ Cinco Ranch area.If you see a cat like her anywhere give me a call at (281) 693-0109 or (281)725-8108
    Thank you!

  62. Gail says:

    Our Cat Savannah went missing today. She is not an outside cat but does manage to sneak out sometimes. She usually returns within the hour but she hasn’t returned for 12 hours now. We live in the Hickory Creek Subdivision (Gaston & Cansfield Way). She is Grey & White (with a black & pink nose). She is 3 years old, spayed and microchipped. Her collar is missing unfortunately. If you find a cat like her please call 713-895-0624. Thanks!

    • Terry says:

      Hi Gail,
      Hit the backspace button – don’t think this reply posted. We’re near Fry Rd & Kingsland. Don’t want to get your hopes up; The odds are against us here. A large grey/white cat wandered into our yard over the weekend, thin but not malnourished. She’s living in our back yard shrubbery & I feed her under our covered patio. Obviously a house cat accustomed to & inviting of affection. Never seen her before in the neighborhood & saw no flyers in the area. Any distinguishing marks? We took pics tonight. Will call you tomorrow at above number.

      • Lindy says:

        Terry, That is near us at Kingsland and Fry, and we are looking for Piper who is a large black and white cat, with a black back and tail and mask, and a white tummy and mouth area. Pink nose and strong meow. Call 281-578-0121 if your backyard guest looks more black than gray.

  63. devin says:

    Found dog light brown female lab mix possibly

  64. Jennifer says:

    I found a black male Lab near Fry rd and Mason Rd, in the Summer Pointe Neighborhood of Cinco Ranch. Very friendly. Looks like a young dog.

    Jennifer Tara
    281 398-5336

  65. Jessalyn Eaton says:

    Hi there! Please help us find out Lucky girl. She is a brindle colored Boxer. She has on her red harness with her name and our phone number and address on it. She got out of the back yard on January 1st. We are offering a reward. Thank you!

  66. Alejandra Ramirez says:

    Hi there! Please help us find out our lost pet . he is a Chihuahua black dog. He got out of the back yard on January 1st. We are offering a reward. Thank you!My phone number is 713 483 0923 or 281 779 3489

  67. Alejandra Ramirez says:

    Hi there! Please help us find out our lost pet . he is a Chihuahua black dog. He is named Panny ,He got out of the back yard on January 1st. We are offering a reward. Thank you!My phone number is 713 483 0923 or 281 779 3489

  68. David Schewitz says:


    We just lost our black and whiote Boston Terrier on New Year’s Eve. She became scared of the fireworks and tunneled out of our yard.

    We are offering a reward for her recovery and miss her terribly. She was last seen around 6 pm New Year’s Eve in Grand Lakes

  69. David Schewitz says:


    We just lost our black and white Boston Terrier (named Giggy, pronounced with hard “g” sounds)on New Year’s Eve. She became scared of the fireworks and tunneled out of our yard.

    We are offering a reward for her recovery and miss her terribly. She was last seen around 6 pm New Year’s Eve in Grand Lakes at Rainwood Park and Fry Rd.

    Please help us bring her home! Our phone number is 281-647-6206.

  70. Liz says:

    Hi Christi,

    My 9 year old male miniature pinscher, Yoshi, has been missing since 8am Wednesday morning (01/11/2011) in the Falcon Point subdivision (near Bay Hill Blvd and Roesner Rd) . Is there any way you can post his picture on your website? I tried to locate your email so I can send you a picture but cannot find it for some reason.

    Please help me if you can. Thank you so much.


  71. christiborden says:

    Liz, please email me at christi@christiborden.com and I will post the photos and share. I hope we find your beloved pet soon.

  72. Joe Church says:

    Found Older fixed Female Long Haired Chihuahua Yorkie mix ? Light Tan/brown and white. Fixed. Very friendy disposition, house trained. Found on Mystic Cypress Dr., Cypress Place Subdivision, 77449 on January 28, 2011. Very thin. have picture.

  73. Kathy says:

    FOUND a Siberian Husky in the middle of January on Highway 90 and Pin Oak. Male, black and white fur, not neutered, presumed young, no collar but the fur on his neck shows that he has worn one. We will try and look for a chip soon. Very playful and likes to ‘talk.’ We’ll try to hold onto him for as long as we can until his family is found.

  74. barbara says:

    My 6 month old blue healer puppy was gone from my back yard when i came home from work on 2/11/11.she has piercing pale blue eyes and she is very sweet.please help her get home.

  75. Raymond Bolton says:

    There seems to be alot of dog thefts going on in Katy. I think that maybe we should have stricter punishment for “Dognapping” and yes,”catnapping” too!

  76. Tiffany Darby says:

    Hi, I am writing this email to inform everyone on here that my baby is gone. Her name is zoee,and she is a silver yorkie. She is really old and very attached to me. I fear that she may not survive very long knowing that not even my husband can tend to her while I’m away. Please help me find her i stay at 21406 briar landing lane in grand lakes. you can reach me via email. She went missing today!!!!

  77. Kim Capps says:

    Our babies are lost! Two beautiful Vizsla/Yellow Lab mix males lost from Hickory Creek (Hwy 99 and FM 1093). Please call Kim at 832-473-0864.

  78. Ellen says:

    Found a grayish blue budgie parakeet, male on March 13, 2011 in Katy, S.Mason Rd. and Cimmaron Prkwy area.

  79. Jami Ouellette says:

    Our black lab, Jake, squeezed through a loose gate last night and hasn’t come home. He is 12 years old, black with a white face and has a quarter sized bald spot on his tail. Weighs about 90 pounds. He is very friendly, likes everybody and would have no problem going with anyone who talked to him. He had no collar on. For an old guy who needs meds for his joints, apparently he has journeyed out much further than our neighborhood. We live in Barker’s Ridge, off Morton and Barker Cypress, just north of Mayde Creek HS. Please help me find my old fuzzy friend!!

  80. Natasha says:

    Young Male Pit found in the West Memorial Subdvsn. He is CREAM COLORED with some white. He is big, but still a pup.Super sweet and timid. We found him hiding under our car. He is currently in our back yard. Please email if this is your baby. We cannot keep him. DO NOT contact if you do not have references. I do know that ppl fight these dogs. He is a lover, not a fighter.

  81. Aishling Dumas says:

    Found black lab, female in Kelliwood Estates Katy Texas, 77450. Found on April 18th, she has a red collar, and his chipped. I called the for information from the company that provided the chip, and the had not registered their information. Please contact me at Aishlinghd@gmail.com if you have any information.

  82. Joanne says:

    We found a German Shepherd/(lab?) mix wandering around our development all day (lakecrest forest, katy). This sweet boy has been well taken care of. He walked into our home 4.17.11 and has been a wonderful guest. Unfortunately I already have three dogs and a cat. I cannot afford to take on another dog! I have found someone willing to adopt him, but I would rather get this boy home to his family. He is great with kids and other animals. Slight food aggression if another dog starts eating out of his bowl, but he is all noise and no bite.
    This dog loves attention, listens to commands and is house broken. Unfortunately nobody responded to my local “found” flyers, and he is not chipped. I am guessing he is about 1-2 years old. he has a lot of “pep”. Please let me know if you know his family as I cannot find them anywhere!!

  83. Joanne says:

    The individual who wanted to adopt the german shepherd mix doesn’t want him since he is not FULL BRED! I never claimed he was a full bred dog. I do not want to take him to a shelter… is there any way someone could take in this sweet guy. He needs a forever home as I am affraid I will have to take him to a shelter soon and I will hate myself for that.

  84. Heather Beckner says:

    A young, female, malamute has wondered up to our house tonight, April 26th. I live on Merrymount Dr. and Mason Rd. Please call me at 281-733-8862 if you are missing your sweet girl.

  85. Linda Yates says:

    we found a dog last Saturday. Possibly a pit bull or rotweiller mix. We called the police and was told the dog catcher was close on weekend and unless the dog is hit by a car or bites someone they didnt care. Unforunately we could not keep it because of other animals and 15 mos old baby in the house. He is now at C.A.P. and I hope the owner is found.

  86. Trish says:

    There is a male black lab lost in the I-10 and Mason Road area. His owners are new to Katy. The female black lab he was with was hit by a car.

    If anyone has seen this dog please call Blanca @ (214)763-8689 or Trish @ 281-687-0296.

  87. Dan A says:

    Found in Katy, Tx April 24th, 2 wonderful dogs, one a yellow Lab and one a Bassett hound..both appear to be older dogs…help me find their home!!!

  88. Dan A says:

    sorry found the 2 dogs May 24th….

  89. Cindy says:

    5/29/2011 Found tabby cat in Avalon neighborhood
    near South Fry Road across from Beckendorff Junior High. Very sweet and loving. Cannot
    keep. Would love to find it a home before having
    to take it to a shelter

    • yaney says:

      hi cindy my name is yaney i live in pin oak village. and lost a female tabby black stripes with orange/brown fur.she has a piece of her upper lip missing. she is very sweet does this sound like the cat you found? if you can respond as soon as possible i would appreciate it. i know i read this late but hope to hear from you.

      thank you

  90. Savy says:

    We found a Male Black Lab following a lady and we took him in as she couldn’t have him. We are in Canyon gate, Katy. He is large (>90 pounds) and very sweet boy who looks like has been well taken care of – good coat, trimmed nails and well kept teeth. Looks like about 3 -4 years. No collar. He is great our 16 month baby and 3 dogs.
    He loves attention, listens to commands and is house broken. Very very good dog – this coming from an owner of 3 rambunctious mutts(2 labs and 1 german shepherd). We would love to see him back with his family.
    Please call us if you know the family or you are the family – 832 326 7114.

  91. Krysta Bohannon says:

    i am missing my puppy Bella. She is almost 5 mths black with a white chest and paws. she is half great dane/lab mix. She ran away from mason on june 16, 2011 and we are very worried about her. I have called all shelters and nobody has turned her in and I washed her collar so she does not have one one. Please call 9364993281 Please any info is better then not any at all. Thanks you

  92. Jamie Regan says:

    Found a cockatiel walking in our front yard June 23, 2011 in falcon point area near 99. If this is your beloved pet bird please email us at Jamie.KatyAvon@gmail.com

  93. Brad Mack says:

    found young female yellow lab in cinco ranch near gaston and cinco ranch blvd

  94. TJ Warren says:

    Lost A Female siberian husky around westimer parkway and greenbush. her name is varuca and needs her medication. any info please call tabitha at 8325263457

  95. jackie says:

    I have lost a male, neutered black lab. 1 year old. Wearing a red collar about 65 lbs. he was last seen on Saums and Fry road. Please call with any news 832-489-7126

  96. Jackson says:

    Can someone please help me? About 1year ago on October 10th when I went to check on my dog Shiloh but he was nowhere to be found. We never had the time to get him a collar. But I can tell you what he looks like : he is small has tanish-brown collored fur and is a tea cup pomerian mix. Please and thank you.

  97. Jackson says:

    He also looks like he is skipping when he runs and it looks like he has no tail.I miss him.

  98. Maureen Yelich says:

    Found 2 young (2-3 yr old) female black labs. One recently had a litter of puppies. No lost signs are up which leads me to believe that they were let loose to roam, and puppies may be for sale somewhere. These are gorgeous animals, and are bonded to each other. They are kenneled temporarily at Katy Animal Hospital on Highland Knoll. Not sure how long we can keep them there. They are very sweet animals and well behaved. Anyone know of the owner, or interested in adopting, PLEASE let me know.

  99. Kathryn says:

    We lost our cat Monday night/Tuesday morning in Cinco Ranch near Katy Gaston/1093. She is a small grey and white tabby. She has white paws, a white chest/neck and a white stripe between her nose. Her nose is very pink. She is not wearing a collar. My phone # is 713-503-6335.

  100. Bonnie says:

    The white one is male. He is Boomer.
    The tan one is Bena (short for Solabena). She is the mother.
    Both of them have tags.

    Alex rescued them from a man who was using Bena as a baby maker.
    They were so scared in the beginning when Alex took them in.
    Now they are so sweet and trusting.
    We had them for 7 years.

    I think someone stole them.
    We have put up flyers and have searched all over for them.

    The neighbor was watching them while we were in Corpus Christi this past weekend.
    They both came up missing on Saturday.
    We are all heartbroken.

    I pray that they are not being harmed.
    Thanks for your help.

  101. Bonnie says:

    Please let me know if you see them. I sent pictures but for some reason they are not on here.

  102. Christi Borden says:

    I will post the photos today.

  103. Jennifer Jackson says:

    FOUND in Katy, Tx ; Aug, 2011: Female Lab blonde/white w/ reddish ears/tail, 1 yr to 2 yrs old, no collar/tag/not-chipped. fixed? found her on Westgreen btwn Westgreen Subd and Castle Rock Subd. good-natured, loves to fetch and cuddle. kennel, leash and house-trained. good with dogs, cats and kids. She misses her lost owner.

  104. annamarie says:

    my 11 year old is heart broken we lost our female dog she is small dog black house broken her name is charlett she was wering a red collar lost between spanish needle green house please call me if uyou seen her we want her back she is so sweet

  105. annamarie says:

    again 832 282 9982 our dog was wearing a red collar she dessappear from spanish needle connects with green house westlake subdivision

  106. Christine says:


  107. Ros says:

    Hi Christi,
    We have lost our big boy Sammy Cat – he is 9 years old, a domestic medium hair white with black spots and a big friendly boy, missing from Chasestone Crt, off Tilstock. We miss him desperately, please post this so we can find him. Thank you

  108. joyce burrell says:

    Found chow mix Porter & Morton Ranch Road in road near new neighborhood. Please call to describe. Well mannered family pet.

    call Joyce 281 748-4852 or 281 347-4030 h

  109. Jessi Farestvedt says:

    Found on Christmas Day: Black and Tan Corgi. Male, not fixed. Please call (281) 513-5600

  110. Elizabeth Mace says:

    Picked up two adorable dogs last night in grand lakes. No collar or tags. A white and black fluffy breed.

  111. Marisa says:

    I found a small male dauschound mix running onto the feeder road by Academy at Hgwy 99 in Katy Texas. He has no collar and I’ve taken him to the vet to be scanned for a chip and he does not have one. He is around a year or year and a half old. He is a very good boy and well trained. Let me know if anyone knows who this sweet boy belongs to. Contact me at 713-306-6593

  112. Marisa says:

    I was so glad to have found sweet Tuck!! This website is wonderful!!!!!

  113. Lisa says:

    when I look at the lost dogs photos, I don’t see any dates on them. How can I know if they are currently still lost?

  114. Wendi Lucas says:

    Are the dogs listed at the stop of this page with pictures (i.e, brown chi Penny, yellow lab Osiris, and 2 dogs Comet and Roxy) lost recently (2012-2013)? There is no date associated with those posts. I think I’ve seen found dogs online (facebook/craigslist/spca) who match a few of those lost dogs.

    • christiborden says:

      They were fairly recent. I will post dates now on all alerts. Please also visit the Lost or Found pets in Katy TX community page on Facebook.

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