Much Needed Relief for Hurricane Ike Victims

September 28, 2008

Power and gas retailers
Reliant Energy is waiving late fees indefinitely and will be working with its customers on flexible payment terms and extensions to meet their needs, said communications director Pat Hammond. Reliant, which has about 1.8 million customers in  Texas , also has suspended its credit and collection activity and has stopped disconnecting customers for non-payment.’ We realize that Hurricane Ike has created a lot of difficult financial hardships for  people, and we want to do what we can to work with our customers during this difficult time,’ said Hammond . ‘Wee ask customers to call us and work out a payment with us,’ she said.

Green Mountain Energy is waiving late fees for customers who call in and let the company know they were affected by Ike, according to a statement from the company. GreenMountain also is extending its deferred payment plan.

CenterPoint Energy’s natural gas customers affected by Ike will  not receive late notices and late fees will be waived, said  spokeswoman Leticia Lowe. In addition, the utility will also waive security deposits for customers displaced by the storm, she said.



Compass Bank has waived access fees to its network of ATMs in  Houston and other cities in Texas where it figures Houstonians fleeing the storm may need quick cash, said Thomas Graham, executive vice president of communications in Houston . The bank also is allowing its small business and consumer customers to efer their loan payments, such as car and recreational vehicle loans. The deferral is up to 60 days depending on the customer’s individual circumstances. Customers  who need early access to their certificates of deposit can have them  without paying early withdrawal fees, he said. And late payments will be forgiven, he said. Graham stressed – as did other service providers  the importance of giving notice that a payment will be late.
Capital One is working with its customers affected by Ike on a case-by-case basis, said spokeswoman Pam Girardo in McLean , Bathe bank has a hardship policy and some examples of what it can do for its customers include waiving late fees, going-over-credit-limit fees and non-sufficient funds fees, she said. Capital One will also consider reducing a customer’s minimum payments, deferring payments for a limited time, waiving finance charges and waiving accrued interest. Customers need to call and discuss the options, said Girardo. Capital One also waived the ATM fees for all its customers who use a non-Capital One machine and has suspended all of its collection activity in the area.

Comerica has waived ATM fees for customers who use non-Comerica machines and has expedited its process to boost credit card limits, according to spokeswoman Pamela Cathion. The bank is also offering to donate up to $100 to a charity or community relief organization designated by a new customer who opens a bank account > with at least $2,500.

Discover makes special payment considerations on a case-by-case basis to cardholders affected by a natural disaster, said spokesman Jon Drummond. Those provisions include, but are not limited to, allowing them to delay payments, and waving minimum  payments, late fees and other charges for specific amounts of time depending on a customer’s need.
American Express spokeswoman Molly Faust said the company will handle each cardholder’s situation on an individual basis. If you need help, please call the toll-free number on the back of your card, or visit and click on ‘Hurricane Response: Assistance for our Customers.’
Chase is asking its customers facing financial difficulty to contact the bank as soon as possible and it will work with them on an individual basis, according to spokesman Greg Hassell. Telecom companies

Cable and Communication Providers
T-Mobile is topping off pre-paid cell phones that were running low at no charge to make sure people don’t run out of  service, and it has suspended collections calls in Houston and Galveston.

Sprint is waiving roaming fees, call-forwarding, late fees and overage charges for customers who use more minutes or text messages than they’re allowed between Sept. 9 and Oct. 11, said spokeswoman Kristin Wallace. The company is also offering free call-forwarding service and Sprint has suspended collections calls and service disconnections.
AT&T has suspended all disconnections and collection activities. The company is providing free local and long-distance calling in all of its retail stores, and is offering free Wi-Fi service to anyone at all area Barnes and Noble locations, said spokesman Dan Feldstein. AT&T will work with customers on their billing on a case-by-case basis. AT&T also offers its customers rollover minutes, allowing them to absorb a month in which their usage is heavier than normal.
Verizon Wireless is giving one month of free service in the 409 area code and has suspended collections calls in the Greater Houston area, said spokeswoman Gretchen LeJeune.
Verizon which provides landline phone service in several cities around GalvestonBay , has suspended collections calls and disconnections, said spokesman Lee Gierczynski.
Comcast has suspended disconnections and collections, said spokesman Ray Purser.
Time Warner Cable, which provides cable service for Beaumont and parts of Southeast Texas , has credited customers’ accounts back to Sept. 12 and will extend credits until service is restored, said spokesman Gary Underwood. The company also is not disconnecting customers or making collections calls.



 Allstate is offering deferred billing options, according to spokeswoman Kristen Beaman. The company will send affected customers a letter, but those who have been relocated can call their agent or 800-547-8676.

USAA will waive late fees if customers are a few days behind, according to spokesman Justin Schmitt. The company, which also has a bank and offers financial services, also will offer fixed-rate new vehicle auto loans as low as 5.39 percent for people who lost cars in floodwaters. In addition, it will waive insufficient funds fees on checking and savings accounts.

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Hurricane Ike – Comcast to Give Credit for Disruption of Service

September 23, 2008

Comcast to give credits for Ike outages

Published from BizJournals: September 23, 2008

Comcast customers whose service was interrupted due to damage caused by Hurricane Ike will receive credits, the company said Tuesday.

Comcast customers whose service was interrupted due to damage caused by Hurricane Ike will receive credits, the company said Tuesday.

About 48 percent of customers are still without service, according to the cable company. Most of the remaining outages are due to the loss of electrical power at Comcast’s neighborhood nodes or severed lines, it said.

Comcast said 500 cable technicians from around the country have joined its 2,700 local employees to help restore service to customers in the Greater Texas Gulf Coast region.

To make sure they receive credit for interrupted service, Comcast customers should call 1-800-COMCAST or click on the Contact Us link on

To continue reading, go to:^1704861&surround=etf

Hurricane Ike – Katy, TX Update – Insurance questions for those with damage!

September 18, 2008


Darrell Kainer - Your Farmer's Insurance Agent

Darrell Kainer Your Farmers Agent. Today I caught up with one of the top insurance agents in the Katy/West Houston Area- Darrell Kainer of The Kainer Insurance Agency. Although he is very busy this week helping those in need, Darrell was kind enough to answer a few questions that some of you may have about damage to your property caused by Hurricane Ike.

 Q. If I have damage to my roof and water has penetrated into my home, what do I do first?

A. You can make whatever temporary repairs that are necessary to prevent further loss to your property. If you can find someone to do a temporary cover up to your roof please, do so. If you have wet carpet that appears ruined, you can remove it but remember to keep a sample for the adjusters. It is very important to document any work that you do. Take as many photos as you can. In order for interior damage to be covered by your insurance, the wind must first cause an opening in the structure that lets the water in. Wind-driven rain under the shingles or around a window may not be covered. Whatever you pay for temporary repairs should be made a part of your claim.

Q. Do I wait until the adjuster comes before making any repairs to my property?

A. See answer above.

Q. Are the costs for repairs that are not covered by insurance deductible on my taxes?

A. You should be able to deduct losses not reimbursed to you, but you should consult your accountant.

Q. How can I be better prepared next time?

A. There is not a great deal you can do to prevent this type of damage. Make sure you remove any small items from the yard and patio to limit the flying objects. You can board up your windows but it appears that most of the damage came from the roof leaks. If your roof is old, replace it. Don’t wait for a storm to cause sever damage to your structure.

Q. What does my regular policy not cover in a storm like Ike?

A. Flood damage is never covered by a regular homeowners policy. Your insurance professional can sell you a flood policy through FEMA. If you are not in a flood zone the cost anywhere from $120 to $348 depending on the amount of coverage. As stated above, wind-driven rain is not covered as well.

Q. What does flood insurance not cover in a storm like Ike?

A. A flood policy covers damage from rising water only. No wind damage.

If any of you have specific questions you would like to ask Darrell, please feel free to post them here or to go to his web site directly click here Kainer Insurance Agency . 

Thank you, Darrell, for taking time to inform those of us needing your expertise.

Hurricane Ike – Katy, Tx update regarding Ft. Bend Country debris pickup

September 17, 2008
For those of you in Ft. Bend County, I thought this may be of interest to you and was sent from Fort Bend County Judge, Bob Herbert to all MUDS.


All MUD’s (Municipal Utility District) in Fort Bend County, with the exception of in-city MUD’s in Sugar Land will have debris picked up by Fort Bend County. The county is agency responsible for debris pickup in the unincorporated areas. We will have a debris management link on the county’s web site at FortBendCountyGov by 7pm tonight. That site will be updated daily around 8am until all sweeps through the county are complete. A MUD may do its own removal, but they may not be reimbursed by FEMA. They will be processing and removing debris from all public property including water plants, lift stations and WWTP’s. We will remove debris from private property if properly stacked at the curb or by the roadside. Instuctions for stacking debris from private property will be posted on the website. I hope this helps clear up any confusion.  Also remember the restrictions for pick up require brush and limbs to be bundled and no longer than 3 feet. 

Hurricane Ike – Katy, TX update 6:00 p.m. 9/15/08

September 15, 2008
30 p.m. 9/15/08

Katy new construction (2 story!) that has collapsed on itself and slid off the foundation 6:30 p.m. 9/15/08

00 p.m. 9/15/08
Downed trees in Katy, TX 6:00 p.m. 9/15/08

Here we are now two days past the storm that has so devastated the Houston/Galveston areas. I am writing from Katy, TX, a sprawling suburb located 20 or so miles west of the city center.

We have fared fairly well as Ike passed, leaving downed trees, missing shingles, torn fences and more important, lack of electricity in its path.

There are areas north of I-10 that have suffered worse that those South of 1-10, but the damage everywhere is very hit and miss. You can drive down one street and see nothing out of place while two blocks over, there are missing patches of roofing and debris everywhere the eye can see. So it is very hard to report exactly how each area has come through the storm. I appreciate any and all reports coming in from areas and reporting on damage and power restoration. Centerpoint is suggesting that it may take up to 4 weeks to restore all power but Mayor White is working hard to get that revised. Although I do not mind roughing it these past few days, that will be a bit much and I will be seeking refuge among my friends fortunate to be in the right power grid.

00 p.m. 9/15/08

Damaged roof in Katy, TX 6:00 p.m. 9/15/08

At least a cool front has moved in and tonight will be pleasant – for those of us using mother nature as our air conditioner. It is my understanding that FEMA has been mobilized to the coastal areas first to take care of the devastation there and will be working their way to us. I you need assistance, remember to dail 311 (non-emergency) and 911(emergency).

Have a cool and comfortable night and I will recap more tonight or tomorrow morning.

Hurrican Ike – Katy, TX update 6:30 p.m. 9/14/08

September 14, 2008

We are all working hard at cleaning up the mess left behind. Still no power in our section of Grand Lakes. I have reports that parts of Mason Road communities, Nottingham, Kelliwood and other areas of Katy are still waiting to be reconnected. At least the weatherman has predicted low temps tonight in the 60’s as it is hard to get to sleep at night in the 80’s.

I had hopes we would be back on today but am every hopeful for tomorrow. School is called off for tomorrow for KISD so the kids get another “snow day”. Funny, the schools are closed but my kids have just left to go to Cinemark for a movie. Yes, that is roughing it. It does feel good to see some  aspects of life getting back to normal.

I will recharge my batteries this evening next door (neighbor has a wonderful generator that they use to power a fan, tv and a blender. Gotta love Texans and their priorities:).

I would love to hear from different areas of Katy and West Houston to see how you have fared. This blog has received thousands of hits from all over the world with concerned family and friends wanting to know how their loved ones are doing. As I can only attest to my specific area, any information you can add will be very much appreciated.

Take care and more updates will be added after a much needed battery recharge.

Hurricane Ike – Katy, TX update 10:50 a.m. 9/14/08

September 14, 2008

I am sorry I was unable to update as I was out of power and my laptop was dead. My neighbor with a generator was kind enough to let me recharge last night.

We did take a drive through Katy yesterday and in my excitement, I neglected to bring my camera so no photos to bring you yet. However, it is pretty calm here. As you drive the major thoroughfares, you will see a lot of downed trees (mostly crepe myrtles and oleanders) and broken limbs on the larger oaks in our area. Fences have suffered, too. Rooftops look pretty good but there are shingles on the ground so some will have to deal with that issue. My friend who lives in Canyon Gate off of Mason has major roof and water damage as well as losing a lot of her fence and a tree. I gave her four roofing companies to call and they only one she could reach already had 16 clients ahead of her. I would assume that the wind sheers were stronger there than in Grand Lakes as we only lost a few shingles, one small tree and my gutter fell off the house.

Power is being restored to the area on a confusing rotation but we in the northeast quadrant of Grand Lakes are still sweating it out. Street lights are hanging on their sides and blinking but traffic seems to be moving. Last night Azzerelli’s Italian restaurant was open for business on Westheimer Parkway and Peek so if you are without power and tired of eating food out of a can, you may wish to go there. Grocery stores were open yesterday but had no ice. I hope that changes if we do not get power today. Katy ISD has released the word that there is no school tomorrow. If I find out anything further, I will post it here.

All in all, yes, Katy was very lucky. Our location on the calm side of the eye at landfall was a blessing. I am so sad to see the devastation of Galveston. If you never visited this charming seaside city before the storm, you just could not appreciate what we have lost.

As a Realtor, I feel terrible for my Galveston compatriots who are effectively out of business at this time, as are all other business owners in the area – especially those tied directly to tourism. 

My land-line is working (cell is dead) but if anyone needs help locating a loved one in my area, just let me know and I will follow up on it and not publish the number on the post. Take care and I am signing off for a while to conserve precious battery life. It is funny how the little things become so important during times like these.

Hurricane Ike – Katy, TX update 9:40 a.m. 9/13/08

September 13, 2008
40 a.m. 9/13/08

Katy skies at 9:40 a.m. 9/13/08

Whew, Katy appears to be fine… for all of you concerned about your loved ones. We shut down the computer to reserve battery power as our electricity is still out. In fact, we may be the only neighborhood in Katy without power… Hello, Reliant Energy…anybody out there? Our power shut down while skies were calm and still so whatever the issue is, they cannot blame it on Ike.

The winds raged all night long at gusts of 75 or so, intermittent lightning, and light rain. We are now getting a nice rain accompanied by winds that while still strong, are nowhere near last nights’ intensity. We were very lucky to have been so close to the eye of the storm and on the less dangerous side.

40 a.m. 9/13/08

Katy street scene 9:40 a.m. 9/13/08

I hope that everyone else is okay. It does look pretty bad for Galveston and other parts of the city closer to the coast.

I looks like a great day to read a book or watch a movie… oh, yeah.. we have no power:). Take care all and thanks for visiting.

Hurricane Ike – Katy, Tx update 11:10 p.m. 9/12/08

September 13, 2008

Sorry I could not get through but have reserve battery power and an intermittent Internet service with my broadband card. We in the Northeast section of Grand Lakes lost our power 5 hours ago and I do not anticipate having it restored until after the storm passes. I understand that other parts of Katy are fine and I wish I knew where you live because our home is getting really hot about now:). Otherwise, we are fine.

At this hour, the wind has picked up to fairly strong gusts of about 25 miles per hour but nothing too crazy. I have included photos I took prior to nightfall. I will say this, hurricanes create terrific skies! Everyone on my street is sweating it out and we hope that all of you out there with electricity will remember us and let us borrow ice tomorrow:).

I will most likely be up all night because it is HOT in here and will try to keep up my post as the evening and morning progresses. I thank all of you who have stopped by to view my blog and appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Katy and Houston, TX.

Great skies before the storm

Great skies before the storm

Hurricane Ike – Katy, Tx update 6:30 p.m. 9/12/08

September 12, 2008
30 p.m. 9/12/08

Kids and neighbors at 6:30 p.m. 9/12/08

Just at this very moment, we have lost our electric power in Katy. We are in Grand Lakes so I do not know if this is area wide or just our street. I would appreciate reports from other areas in West Houston.

At this time, the gusts have increased but there are still periods of calm. The skies are cloudy and you can now feel the effects of the first wave of outer bands of hurricane Ike. The still shots do not really show the movement of the vegetation but we are starting to realize that a storm is truly coming our way.

As you can see, there are a few kids riding bikes and parents watching closely but for the most part, all is quiet in Katy, TX. I will make another update within the next two hours as I expect our conditions to certainly deteriorate quickly. I will keep my updates short as I will be working off of limited battery power. I just heard that Mayor White is predicting that there will be over 125,000 homes damaged or destroyed and over $ 81 Billion dollars in damage. Many are feeling that the warnings being issued from the Homeland Security offices as well as the Hurricane Center are the most dire in decades so we must be very mindful that this will indeed be different from Rita and more recently, Gustav. 

30 p.m. 9/12/08

Katy home at 6:30 p.m. 9/12/08

I would love to hear how others are doing in the Great Houston and Galveston areas. Please keep us informed as to the storm affects in your area.

One last minute reminder to you all:

  • Fill bathtubs for extra water
  • Locate candles and matches or lighters
  • If you power is still on, charge all cell phones, laptops, Ipods, etc.
  • Locate all flashlights and batteries
  • Keep battery operated radio on for urgent messages
  • Place all important papers in safe place
  • Locate a safe place within your home that you can hide from any hurricane or tornadic debris
  • Keep pets indoors
  • Be safe and know the nation is praying for your safety