What Happens When Pets are Abandonded Along with the House?

February 12, 2010


I just read a moving blog about a family pets that are left when people abandon their home to Foreclosure. I know I see the condition of many of these homes and can only imagine what the folks have gone through. Many times, these sweet animals are left with no food or water and to basically fend for themselves. As domesticated animals, that is pretty much a death sentence. 

This story tells how the local Realtors helped find homes for several such animals. Click here to read the article. I want to applaud those guys and gals who have assisted in helping to find homes for the innocent animals. We have a wonderful connection in Grand Lakes, Lisa Lambert. Her email is GrandLakes4Pets@aol.com. She has been instrumental in helping many animals find their parents or foster homes. She is kind enough to send me notice that I post on the Lost Pets page of this blog. Thank you, Lisa, for all you do for pets in Katy. You are awesome. 

So, what can we do? First and foremost, please let someone… anyone know if you suspect there is an abandoned pet. Even if you are not sure, it is better to be safe than sorry. There are plenty of sites that post lost and found pets and we are all happy to assist. 

If you find a pet but are worried about approaching an unknown animal, then it is always better to call a professional to assist. Remember though that many organizations do euthanize animals within a very short time frame so please use caution if you are not sure that this pet has been abandoned. 

If you know of any local organizations in the West Houston Area to assist with pets, please post here. I am always a supporter of CAP (click here to view their site) and we even found our pet, Macie the wonder Mutt, at their facility over 11 years ago. Great pets there if you wish to adopt rather than spend a fortune on a designer dog. IMHO, mutts know they have been saved and end up being more grateful to their owners but that is for another story. 

Just a reminder, if you have lost or have found a pet in the Katy, TX area, please email me christi@christiborden.com or post it to this blog. If you will attach a photo (must be in  jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx.) format for me to upload onto blog. I am happy to share the information with my readers. Thank you for spending a moment with me today. Keep warm.