“How can I be lost… If I’ve Got Nowhere to Go?”

by Christi Borden

Okay, my kids will absolutely fall over laughing that their boring mom is quoting Metallica (“The Unforgiven III”, I believe)… but it is January and again, I find myself in the middle of goal setting and planning. This song verse reminded me how important it is to actually have a personal and professional goal. In other words: a plan or a roadmap. Otherwise, how will you realize where you want to be and what road to take to make it.

So many times we plod through our lives with nothing more planned than where we want to eat for lunch and what we want to watch on TV. That is not a goal. A goal is something that should be written, long-term, far-reaching (meaning a bit out of our reach so that we have to stretch to get to it) and something meant to be shared.

I am pretty good when it comes to professional goals. It is the personal ones that somehow get pushed to the way side and only reviewed this time of year.  I am committing to several things this year and sharing:

One is this blog. I have committed to posting every day and here on Day 5, I am truly enjoying the process.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Another is education: I am working toward the Master’s sessions of my Certified Negotiation Expert series – a necessity in my business. I am also an avid reader and plan to read something (whether serious or silly) everyday and chose to fill my mind with words rather than television. I watch so little of it now but truly plan to tune it out this year.

Personally: To be a better wife to my husband, a better mom to my kids, a better master to my dog and a better friend to my pals.

What about you?  Have you got somewhere to go? Share….

One Response to “How can I be lost… If I’ve Got Nowhere to Go?”

  1. marjnhomer says:

    i agree with reading more than watchin something online (we dont own a tv). i want to be a better wife and mom and to control my temper and become a better person.

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