New Year’s Day Calls for Football, Black Eyed Peas and Gumbo!

As we all wake-up this morning, dreary eyed from either late night with the kids, family or friends and perhaps a little tired from “over-celebrating”, many of us will settle into our New Year’s Day Celebrations and Traditions. What are yours? Do you even have one? And I ask you if not …why not?

Mine are a bit diverse as we moved around a lot. As a native Texan from the Panhandle city of Plainview, we grew up knowing that our year would be filled with luck because my Grandmother, Sweetie Nicholson, (yes, she was so Sweet it was the only name the entire town knew her by even though her name was Olive) made her yummy salt pork black-eyed peas and cornbread. I have never been able to truly duplicate her efforts… the secret was in the seasoned wrought iron pan and the love she poured into the dish.

The other tradition we have comes from spending much of my youth from teens to 30’s in South Louisiana – a huge pot of homemade Gumbo to ring in the new year. (And I hate to start the centuries old Gumbo debate but we make a dark roux, chicken and sausage Gumbo in this house….not a shrimp, oyster or okra pod in sight.) Cajun Gumbo rules!!!

Traditions are a wonderful thing… they bring along the tastes, smells and memories of our past and co-mingle them with the our present. If you do not have a New Year’s Tradition… Start one. It is that easy. Your kids will thank you years down the road when they mimic the celebrations from their childhood and pass along their take on your ideas. If you ever worried about leaving a legacy, this is your chance. Make it meaningful.

For my family, it is the togetherness we share that makes it wonderful… that, and a pretty darned good bowl of hot, steaming Gumbo. If you want my recipe, I am always happy to share.

Happy New Year’s Day to You and Yours!

Christi Borden

2 Responses to New Year’s Day Calls for Football, Black Eyed Peas and Gumbo!

  1. Kimber says:

    Our family tradition is “what ever you do on New Year’s Day, you do all year long”…so we make sure to spend it with family. That way we make sure we spend time with family all year long.

  2. Kathy L. Patrick says:

    Okay I have signed up for your blog and enjoyed reading it very much. My family growing up never really had a New Year’s Day game plan. My parents usually went out the night before to the Eureka Country Club Dance, we kids would spend the night at our grandparents and play cards.
    Now in my family, we play it year by year! Lainie was working, Madeleine went to friends, Jay and I planned on going to Literary Ball but I took a nap to stay up late and overslept the event. When I woke up I spent the New Year’s watching two films, Marigold and Crazy and had a wonderful evening with my cats. Oh, the wild and crazy life of The Pulpwood Queen. New Year’s Day working on name tags for Girlfriend Weekend! Living the life, and loving the living!

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