2011…Are We Going to be Held Accountable?

I love this time of year where everyone is planning, purging, organizing and scheming to make the new year a different one from the last. We all make the same promises to ourselves: eat better, actually visit the gym we belong to, be nicer, work harder, drink less, love more, etc. etc. etc. But in the end, do we really remember the promises we made last year and more importantly, did we keep them?

How can we make a contract with ourselves to at least keep and complete one of our New Year’s Resolutions? How about an Accountability Buddy? How about more than one? What if we shared one of our goals with a friend or family member who will gently remind us of our goal and help work with us to keep us on track without fear of rejection or ridicule? And if that person offers praise along the way… would this not be the recipe for success?

I know this year for my business I will have a professional Coach to hold me to my real estate business goals. (My manager is also very good but sometimes I will need a harsher hand). For my personal goals… this will take sometime to figure out who will be best for that role. I can be a slippery kind of gal when I want to be when avoiding unpleasant tasks so it will not be a job for the weak of heart. I will also need to make sure that our friendship is secure enough to handle it.

Do you have someone you can buddy up with to help each other? Just a thought…

I wish you and yours a wonderful and Happy New Year. May 2011 be the year that all your goals are realized!


Christi Borden

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