First Time Home Buyer Credit bill under consideration as explained by CPA

This is a summary of the tax changes in the Baucus-Reid substitute amendment to H.R. 3548:

  • “The first-time homebuyer credit, set to expire on November 30 under current law, would be expanded and liberalized as follows (changes 2 through 4 would apply for residences bought after the enactment date):
  • “(1) The credit would sunset on Apr. 30, 2010, but for those who enter into a written binding contract before May 1, 2010 (to close on the purchase of a principal residence before July 1, 2010), the credit would sunset on June 30, 2010.

    “(2) The credit would only be available for homes with a purchase price of $800,000 or less (currently there’s no price ceiling).

    “(3) The credit would not be restricted to first-time homebuyers. It could be claimed by taxpayers who have owned and used the same residence as their principal residences for any 5 consecutive-year period during the 8-year period ending on the date of the purchase of the subsequent principal residence (i.e., the one that would qualify them for a credit). However, the homebuyer credit for these “long-time residents” could not exceed $6,500.

    “(4) The modified AGI-based phaseout would be liberalized. The credit would begin to phase out for individuals with modified AGI above $125,000 ($225,000 for joint filers); currently the phaseout begins at $75,000 and $150,000 respectively.

      • “To help combat abuse of the homebuyer credit (see Newsstand e-mail 10/23/09), the amendment would include in IRS’s mathematical error authority any omission of the homebuyer credit recapture (this would apply for homes bought on or after the enactment date). This authority allows IRS to summarily assess mathematical or clerical errors without conducting an audit. Additionally, the credit would not be available to taxpayers who can be claimed as a dependent, or to those under age 18. New documentation requirements also would apply along with prohibitions against certain intrafamily purchases.
      • “The homebuyer-credit recapture requirement would be waived for military personnel, including members of the Foreign Service and intelligence community, forced to sell as a result of an official extended duty of service. Additionally, military personnel serving outside the U.S. for at least 90 days in 2009 or 2010 would have one additional year to qualify for the homebuyer credit. “

    As explained by Jim Turlington, CPA with Turlington, Reeves & Richard, PLLC – 16360 Park Ten Place, Suite 340, Houston, Texas 77084 – Office (281) 398-5661 Ext. 203 – Fax (281) 398-7409


    One Response to First Time Home Buyer Credit bill under consideration as explained by CPA

    1. christiborden says:

      This bill has passed and we are all very excited. This bill expands on the orginal in that it has increased the income limitations as well as offering a tax credit of up to $ 6500 for non-first time home buyers that qualify. This will be boon to the move-up or move-down market allowing those currently owning homes for the past 5 years, if I am correct, to qualify and to utilize this tax credit to off-set some of their closing or moving expenses. While I am not a fan of Big Government programs, this is one that I can stand behind as being helpful for our economy, our nation and Houston – in particular.

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