Hurricane Ike – Comcast to Give Credit for Disruption of Service

Comcast to give credits for Ike outages

Published from BizJournals: September 23, 2008

Comcast customers whose service was interrupted due to damage caused by Hurricane Ike will receive credits, the company said Tuesday.

Comcast customers whose service was interrupted due to damage caused by Hurricane Ike will receive credits, the company said Tuesday.

About 48 percent of customers are still without service, according to the cable company. Most of the remaining outages are due to the loss of electrical power at Comcast’s neighborhood nodes or severed lines, it said.

Comcast said 500 cable technicians from around the country have joined its 2,700 local employees to help restore service to customers in the Greater Texas Gulf Coast region.

To make sure they receive credit for interrupted service, Comcast customers should call 1-800-COMCAST or click on the Contact Us link on

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4 Responses to Hurricane Ike – Comcast to Give Credit for Disruption of Service

  1. harvardtohardhat says:

    I lost my home to a flood two years ago and had to rebuild it from scratch. I started a blog at with free advice on negotiating with the insurance company and rebuilding your home. I hope it can help some of the Hurricane Ike victims.

  2. christiborden says:

    Great site and I know your expertise will be appreciated. If anyone has questions about rebuilding or negotiating with your insurance company, this is a good place to start. I also have of list of wonderful contractors that I recommend frequently to clients that may be of service to you.

  3. heyjames says:

    Comcast does give a credit if you call them to request a credit. They do have a computerized system that tells them immediately how many days you were without service. When I asked them after the hurricane if I would automatically get the credit on the next invoice they said no — I would have to call and request a credit for the period their system was down. When I requested the credit and connected to the billing department they did not have any reasonable reason why they could not or would not give their customers an automatic credit.

    I view this as stealing from many innocent people that do not have time to call or do not know to call —- This company is one of the worst of the worst when it comes to customer service. I have a fundimental problem with a company that knows they aren not due an amount they are billing their customers but do nothing to try to correct this problem. What a really sorry company Comcast has become.

  4. Sands says:

    I live in zone C in the southern part of Houston, and I think our power returned about 9-10 days after Ike. My neighbors with Yahoo internet were able to go online as soon as their power came back (across the street got their power back one day sooner than we did).

    I waited about a week after that before finally calling Comcast to see if a connection-point between me and the closest big point had been severely damaged or something. They sent a tech to my house to “look” at things; he looked at the power and cable lines coming from the pole and said I had no damage. He tried leaving, but one of our other neighbors cornered him and forced him to look at theirs too, and chewed him out a lot haha

    I wait about another week, and STILL no Comcast internet! Yahoo has a special for new customers, I call them, and the nice ATT girl laughed and said they were getting SO many Ike customers from Comcast.

    I kept the Comcast hardware until our Yahoo was up and running, then hubby returned the Comcast hardware and had to wait in a long line just to return it, because so many others were canceling too.

    If I had to guess, I’d say that Comcast had no emergency plans whatsoever, and just winged it after-the-fact.

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