Hurricane Ike – Katy, Tx update 7:15 p.m. 9/15/08

As we sit here recovering from our rather minimal effects of hurricane Ike (when compared to the other parts of the Greater Houston and Galveston Areas), we are trying to figure out how to help our less fortunate neighbors. I have had comments on ideas and one of the best is to redistribute the extra bottled water that we no longer need for survival.

I will contact Mayor White’s office tomorrow to see if there is any way we can contribute unopened bottled water for distribution to those in need. If they okay this idea, I will post a drop off point and then ask for volunteers to help us get the water to where it is needed.

If anyone out there has a better idea, I am all ears and happy to help. I appreciate any and all who are interested in this project.

I wish for you all a comfortable evening and will update this post tomorrow.

8 Responses to Hurricane Ike – Katy, Tx update 7:15 p.m. 9/15/08

  1. Kayla says:

    we have 5 cases of 1 liter bottles (about 10 or so gallons in all) if you find how to share them with people who need them, please let me know. Thats a great idea.

  2. Peter Morich says:

    My mother lives in Katy, at 19619 Moonhollow Drive, 77084 and I wanted to check on the house if possible. She is in Greece on vacation and left 2 days before the storm. She’ll be back on the 28th and asked me to check on the area. Thanks, Peter

  3. christiborden says:

    Hi Peter,

    I will do my best to get up there today but will spread the word that we need a property damage report on this home in the Westlake Forest area just north of Saums and east of Fry Road. If anyone could take a drive to 19619 Moonhollow Drive, I am sure the owner would feel very relieved before her return to our area. If we do not hear from her neighbors, I will head over there either later this evening or first thing tomorrow morning for you. Thanks again and hopefully we will have good news for you soon.


  4. Melinda McKinnon says:


    I just checked on the house and it looks just fine. I didn’t notice any damage to the roof and the fence is still up. I didn’t go in the back yard because it was 10pm. I didn’t want someone thinking I was a burglar. The other houses in the area lost a lot of trees and some fences but that’s all I noticed.


  5. christiborden says:


    Thank you so much for assisting Peter and his mom. I sent your note to him directly so that he could personally thank you. One of the best reasons I love Texas (born in Plainview oh, so many years ago so I am a native) is because I get to live in the community with people like you. Thank you again for taking the time to check out this home and helping a fellow Katy resident. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Melinda McKinnon says:

    not a problem.

  7. wisdomssister says:

    I have a contact on Galveston island that really can use any amount of water. They are having a hard time finding any. I would like to get you two together to discuss options.


  8. christiborden says:

    That is great. I have been trying to figure out how the good folks in Katy can help. The City of Houston did not want our water, from my lack of response from their offices. I assume it had to do with quality control and logistics. I would be happy to coordinate a drop off point and work to get volunteers to help with collecting and then distributing the water where needed. Please forward my email or my cell 832-372-7470 to your contact so that we could discuss this matter. This is rather timely as FEMA is pulling out most of their POD’s (Points of Distribution) but there are still folks in need of clean drinking water. Thank you again for your help and have a Blessed day!

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