Hurrican Ike – Katy, TX update 6:30 p.m. 9/14/08

We are all working hard at cleaning up the mess left behind. Still no power in our section of Grand Lakes. I have reports that parts of Mason Road communities, Nottingham, Kelliwood and other areas of Katy are still waiting to be reconnected. At least the weatherman has predicted low temps tonight in the 60’s as it is hard to get to sleep at night in the 80’s.

I had hopes we would be back on today but am every hopeful for tomorrow. School is called off for tomorrow for KISD so the kids get another “snow day”. Funny, the schools are closed but my kids have just left to go to Cinemark for a movie. Yes, that is roughing it. It does feel good to see some  aspects of life getting back to normal.

I will recharge my batteries this evening next door (neighbor has a wonderful generator that they use to power a fan, tv and a blender. Gotta love Texans and their priorities:).

I would love to hear from different areas of Katy and West Houston to see how you have fared. This blog has received thousands of hits from all over the world with concerned family and friends wanting to know how their loved ones are doing. As I can only attest to my specific area, any information you can add will be very much appreciated.

Take care and more updates will be added after a much needed battery recharge.

10 Responses to Hurrican Ike – Katy, TX update 6:30 p.m. 9/14/08

  1. addiebaby says:

    Hopefully this cold front will bring some relief for those still without power. We’re in the SL/Mo. City area and have minimal damage in our (fairly new) neighborhood. Power was restored by 7:30 yesterday morning (thanks Direct Energy!). More established neighborhoods in this area with large tress have not been so lucky.

  2. Tracey says:

    Thank you for posting these updates. My mother lives in Cinco Ranch near the golf course and across from the lake. Her little subdivision does not have power but most of those around her do. A few people where she is had roof damage from the wind but otherwise they’ve made out just fine. They were told it might take 2 weeks for their power to come back on.

  3. Kayla says:

    Hello! We finally made it back to Katy. I am completely amazed at how this storm seemed to pick and choose the areas it woud make a mess of. Our home faired very well and has only minor damage to the roof and one side of our fence, all of the homes on our street faired the same. But directly across the stree from us every single home has major roof damage, flooding and broken out windows! The bank at the corner of 529 and Fry has masive amounts of shattered glass and plastic in the parking lot and the sign has been snapped in half and all of the street signals are barely hanging on. Its so sad to see all of the homes with tarps on the roofs, uprooted trees and rolls of carpet and carpet padding piled up in the yard. We are lucky enough to have electricty, and we hope that everyone else has electricty again soon. This is my first Hurricane experience and Im shocked at how hard it is to find gas and grocerys. Thank you for the blog and giving us a little peak at what was going on back home.

  4. Sarah says:

    Is all of Katy without electricity? Is there any flooding in that area?

  5. Jennifer Lee says:

    Glad to see you are well and survived the hurricane. I am contacting you from United Way for a client from Lake City Florida, so we know all too well about hurricanes. I recieved a call from an elder lady in our area very upset because she can not get in touch with her sister who lives in Katy, Texas. She did not know anyone else to call. Red Cross had no information on her sister. I “googled” Katy, Texas and Ike and your site popped up. I understand you are dealing with your own issues during this recovery stage, but if you could assist me, it would be greatly appreciated. If you can help please respond and I can give you the client information. Thanks so much and God bless.

  6. Sheila says:

    The cooler weather has been wonderful. Hopefully those without power are feeling some relief from the normal hot and humid weather we have grown accustomed to.

  7. Kayla says:

    To Jennifer Lee….if you want to email me at we wouldnt mind driving by her location and seeing if she is ok if you havent already been able to contact her.

  8. christiborden says:


    I just spoke to Jennifer and the sister has been found. I drove by there yesterday but no answer on the door. However, the sister called last night and although she has damage to her home, all is well. Thank you for your kind offer.

    Regarding the water project, I have not received a response from the Mayor’s office on whether they need our help. It may be an issue of quality control of the water donated as there will be no way for the to verify this from misc. sources. This may be a project for one of our churches or faith based organizations who are also setting up POD’s (Points of Distribution) and they may welcome additional water supplies. I will still continue my efforts to go through the official channels and appreciate anyone out there associated with a distribution center that might want additional water supplies from the Katy area. We can work out the logistics if the water is needed and welcomed.

  9. Maureen Wilson says:


    We were lucky and didn’t even lose power, we consider ourselves very fortunate. However, we did lose two fences our side fence (between neighbors) and our back fence that backs onto Morton Road. Is the back fence covered by HOA because it is considered a public fence for the subdivision?

  10. christiborden says:

    Great question. I will forward this to Darrell to see if he has any information on this matter.

    In the meantime, I would contact your HOA (Homeowner’s Association) with a direct question to them as they will certainly be able to advise. This is a hard issue because it varies from the many different HOA’s that govern our communities. If you do not know who to contact, let me know your community name and I can look that up for you. Take care.

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